Apart from the excellent article from Lamees on her attendance of the Doha climate-change talks in December 2012, The Little Man has been shamefully silent on this central issue.  Climate-change is a very clear and present danger to the UK and every other nation, in particular in the developing world.  There has been a steady stream of reports and commentary on the security threat that climate change poses to the UK.  Developing countries are attempting to factor in climate-change in their development plans. I had a letter published in the local paper in response to an outspoken climate-change skeptic, which may go someway to addressing the lack of content on this issue from us here at The View From The Little Man, at least from my point of view.  I must declare an interest that I am fully paid up member of the Green Party and this letter was written with the editing support of other local members.

Threat to cities by man-made climate change

RALPH Prothero, anthropogenic climate-change sceptic (see letter today and in reply to his letter of July 11), Venice is sinking. A friend of mine had this to say about Venice after returning from there last week. Venice floods worse every year – ongoing building work is helping hold back water, by a gnat’s whisker, the city is doomed – which is what makes it so magical, tragic and beautiful, seeing something which you know won’t be there one day. It is not just Venice that is preparing for this rise in sea levels. London has had millions spent on a flood-defence system. New York, Bangkok and Dhaka in Bangladesh, all low-lying areas, are investing in flood defence and flood-resilience. Climate-change is a worldwide issue. Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as a result of the burning of fossil fuels is one of the main causes of climate change today.

From the late 1970s onwards countries agreed a framework to repair the hole in the ozone layer caused by human usage of CFCs, this has seen a gradual decline in the depletion of the layer. The same needs to happen in regards to climate change, we can keep global temperatures within safe limits.

I encourage Mr Prothero to read the science on climate change and come to terms with the facts; human induced climate-change is affecting the everyday lives of people around the world and it will have a continuing, direct and destructive impact on the United Kingdom and it’s people.   (An edited version of the letter published in The Daily Echo, 24 July 2013)

As expressed in the letter, human-induced climate-change has been overwhelmingly accepted by the scientific community with governments playing catch-up in an attempt to prevent a catastrophe from engulfing their nations and peoples.  Record flooding in Venice in November 2012, illustrated above, is an example of the effects that the developed world will continue to see more and more often.

The question is; Will we come together in a serious way in an attempt to halt these destructive changes in our climate? Comments on this question and the article in general are most welcome.

Jonathan Woodrow Martin


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