Greetings all and welcome to our blog on British Foreign Policy, which we hope will educate, entertain, promote discussion and engage our readers on the issues facing Britian on the world stage today.

Firstly an introduction.  Jack and I are both Masters students at the Humanitarianism & Conflict Response Institute (HCRI), http://www.hcri.ac.uk/, of the University of Manchester, U.K.  Jack completed his undergraduate studies in History at Manchester.  I (Jonathan) completed my undergraduate, also in History, at the University of the West of England (UWE).

There has been a tendency, from within the British media in particular, to equate the majority of British foreign policy to being in lockstep with our American allies,


(Does this ring a bell?)

and more recently within the context of our place in the European Union.  

This blog will attempt to create a more nuanced understanding of Britain’s place in the world. As well as looking at our alliances within organisations such as the EU, NATO we will look at unilateral actions that this country takes.   We will look at ‘big’ government political and military policy such as in Afghanistan, Libya.  Economic issues, i.e.  who we trade with and how.  We will also look at Britain’s aid projects both in terms of governmental and nongovernmental fields.  We will also take in to consideration Britain’s imperial past in its dealings with nations and organisations across the world today  Britain’s aid budget has come in for much criticism recently in its funding of projects in countries (and former colonies) such as India who have a massive and growing economy, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2097264/Britain-WILL-giving-millions-aid-India-don-t-want-it.html.  We will look to take the vitriol and ideology out of such issues and analyse what is actually happening.

This is all opinion from us based upon research, using academic and other sources we consider trustworthy or and of interest, that we will undertake in good faith upon the latest and ongoing issues within the world of British FP. There will be criticism of British actions in the world, there will be agreement and there will be questions.  Jack and I are not a single entity and are interested in different issues and have differing opinions on many of these.  

Jack’s first post on the recent conference in London on the future of Somalia will be posted shortly with more to follow on a weekly basis.  We will try to contact players within foreign policy circles to contribute guest blogs as well as our own postings. Please feel free to contact either one of us or to comment on the blog posts.  (Keep it clean, keep it classy)

(Disclaimer: Our opinions are our own and are not representative of HCRI at the University of Manchester or any other organisation)

Jack Goodman & Jonathan Woodrow Martin



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